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Sep 08

Yeah, I’m probably going to hell.

Like any typical Filipino, I was baptized a Catholic. I went to numerous Catholic schools. I go to mass every Sunday. Like any typical Filipino, I’m not the best Catholic either. I’m not an atheist or anything. I do believe that there is a God. I’m just not sure I believe in Catholicism - or any other religion for that matter.

Honestly, I dislike going to Church. I wouldn’t - if only my grandparents didn’t MAKE me. I think it’s hypocrisy at its worst. I go there and see maybe 90% of the people either asleep, bored or spacing out. I mean, I bet most of them are just there simply to be there. It becomes a meaningless ritual for most people. Maybe they’re afraid that they’ll go to hell or be thought of as a bad Christian if they don’t go. But in my opinion, God would rather have someone who was completely sincere when praying alone in their room than for them to go to mass with a hundred other people and just doze through it.

I dislike the fact that the Church condemns homosexuality and refuses to honor gay marriage. I have friends who are fabulously gay and I love them for it. They cannot help who they are and neither can they help who they love. Maybe it didn’t say “and on this day, God made the gays” in the Bible but for from what I understand, God made us who we are and He thought that was good enough. I don’t believe anyone should be thought of as “unnatural” or “abnormal” just because they are different. That is just ignorant and downright bigoted.

I dislike the fact that the Church condemns divorce without really understanding certain circumstances. I know the Church is afraid that divorce is the dissolution of the concept of marriage and family in general. I don’t believe this is so. People make mistakes sometimes. People who fall in love can fall out of love. I would rather a couple divorce each other than keep living a lie, being miserable and possibly committing adultery somewhere along the way. I would like a battered wife to have the option of remarrying after she divorces her abusive husband rather than just having a “legal separation”. Just because marriage failed you once, I don’t believe you shouldn’t have another chance at it.

I dislike the fact that the Church condemns contraception/protection. Let’s face reality here: sex is fun. People will have sex no matter what you tell them because of that simple fact. And hey, even married women don’t want to get pregnant unexpectedly - especially if they don’t have the means to support the child. Yes, abstinence is the ideal way to go - people shouldn’t have sex if they’re not ready for the consequences. But the world is not an ideal place. If people choose to have sex, they should still be afforded a safe way to do it. It may not be 100% effective in preventing pregnancy or the contraction of an STD but that’s better than 0%. Honestly, I would rather a child not be born at all than endure a life of grief and strife or, God forbid, get aborted .

I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m just sharing what I think. Not everything in Catholicism sits well with me - that’s just the way it is. That doesn’t mean I hate Christians or the Church… I just simply have a different opinion on some matters. But I still believe that you should treat others and the world with respect and love. I still believe in the value of life and the importance of living it in an honest manner. I still believe in following your conscience and doing what is right. And I think, in the end, that’s what really matters.


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